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The concept of EdenPURE technology was discovered when a copper sheet was stored near a furnace. It retained heat and continued to warm the room even though the furnace was turned off. Eventually, this principle led to the extremely safe and efficient EdenPURE heater.

In the EdenPURE heater, quartz infrared light creates heat that works with three unique and patented cured copper  exchangers.

There is no carbon monoxide or harmful radiation generated and, most importantly, infrared heat will not reach a temperature that can cause combustion.

How does the EdenPURE evenly heat a room?

Once an EdenPURE heat exchanger absorbs infrared heat,
it exhales that warmth into the atmosphere, carried by the existing humidity in the room.

This causes the heat to travel rapidly and evenly throughout the room. Our thermal iaging tests show the EdenPURE efficiently distributes heat throughout a room, much more efficiently than common coil heaters, which simply blow heat to the ceiling. In addition, EdenPURE heat is a soft heat  that it is especially comfortable and relaxing.

How can EdenPURE heat be healthier?

Combustion heaters can create very dry, irritating indoor air that can deplete your body's natural moisture and increase your susceptibility to illness. They also burn a great deal of oxygen, which can actually make you feel tired and fatigued. The EdenPURE heater causes none of the problems.

Why is EdenPURE so popular with children and pets?

Children and pets are actually drawn to an EdenPURE because it is a natural source of heat, very similar to how the sun heats our earth. And we all know that animals are much more instinctive than humans.

How can you cut your heating bill up to 50% with EdenPURE?

First, the EdenPURE uses less energy to create heat than many other sources. Therefore, you can turn the heat down in your house as low as 50 degrees, yet the closed rooms you are in will be warm and comfortable. When you move to another room, the EdenPURE goes with you. Its wheels make relocation a vertual snap.

Cutaway View of an EdenPURE or Sun Twin Heater

cutaway view of EdenPURE heater

Heats the floor to the same temperature as the ceiling.

1. Electricity drives powerful quartz infrared elements.
2. The quartz infrared lamps gently warm the patented cured copper tubes.
3. Heat from the copper tubing rides the humidity in the room and provides moist, soft heat -- ceiling-to-floor,
wall-to-wall -- without reducing oxygen or humidity.

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