Why You Can Trust Your Eden PURE Heater

Eden PURE - Heat You Can Trust. No Exposed Heating Elements To Start A Fire!


"I would feel comfortable recommending this heater to my friends and family..." -


"Over the past 20 years, I've seen the loss and the tragedy caused by some electric space heaters. So when the folks at Eden PURE asked me to evaluate their 'safe' heater, I was understandably skeptical. But not for long.


Some surprising results were obtained with our thermal imaging camera; the one we use on structure fires to find the hot spots where flare-ups may occur.


It showed the overall outside temperature of the Eden PURE to be between 95-98 degrees Fahrenheit. That would be safe for a child or an adult to touch.


Then I compared the Eden PURE to a common electric heater -- something you'd get at your local discount house or department store. The camera registered it at about 379 degrees Fahrenheit! At that temperature, it wouldn't take long to ignite paper, robes, clothing, blankets...


Next, I checked the output vent of the Eden PURE. Our camera showed it at approximately 143 degrees: a much safer unit.


After running this gamut of tests, I would feel comfortable recommending this heater to my friends, family and all who would ask about this unit.


By the way, the folks at Eden PURE haven't paid me for this endorsement -- but they've offered to leave an Eden PURE heater here at the fire station, because we have heating bills too!"


Here's a Few Safety Tips when using your Eden PURE Heater:

  • Clean your filter on a regular basis. In addition to added safety, this will prolong the life of your unit and increase it's efficiency.

  • Keep the front of the unit free of obstacles and allow adequate ventilation around the heater.

  • Make sure the plug fits securely into the outlet. A loose plug can create arcing. Also don't modify the plug or make use of a 3 prong adapter. Plug the unit directly into the wall and avoid using power strips.

  • After the unit has been heating about 30 minutes feel the plug when plugging the unit into an outlet. If the plug is hot this could indicate arcing inside the outlet. Discontinue using the outlet until it has been replaced. Also check the plug periodically for signs of wear and tear.

  • Avoid usage in a high humidity areas.

  • EdenPURE, Sun Twin and PurATron units are extremely safe, but as with all electrical devices they should be used appropriately.


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