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Are you looking for ways to increase energy efficiency, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint?

The Eden PURE heater is a great way that you can do all three.

Remember... even a "high efficiency" home furnace can lose up to half its heat up the chimney, and also through your home's ductwork. Before even reaching your vents, it has to heat up all those cold ducts.

Think of it: Half of your home heating dollar can be going up in smoke!

The Eden PURE Heater portable home heating systems make things so much more efficient. It uses highly advanced quartz-infrared technology to quickly fill your living areas with a soft, safe, comfortable warmth.

It works so well that many Eden PURE Heater users find they don't have to turn on their home furnaces until much later in the year. That not only reduces their carbon footprint - but saves money, too. Lots of it!

When protecting the environment and helping your bottom dollar team up, it's a win win situation.

Want more details? Just watch the video below. We'll show you how you can reduce your home's carbon footprint, and save money!





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