Guide to Handmade Soap


Soap is one of the most often used products in our lives and could easily be called essential. Basically all the varieties of commercial soap and handmade soap serve the same purpose, to clean and we hardly give them a second thought.

The truth is that all soap is not the same. When you look at what you believe to be soap you see it comes in different scents, sizes, different colors, in bar form, liquid form and the list goes on and on. Most body cleansers and soaps on the market today are synthetic detergent products (chemicals).The vast majority of these products on the shelf don’t say soap. They might be called shower gels, body washes, beauty bars, moisturizing bars, deodorant bars, but not soap and certainly not handmade soap.

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Why buy Fornya Premium Handmade Soap?

Moisturizers: 100% Natural, extreme moisturizers leave the skin velvety soft

Nourishing: A natural and hypoallergenic way to nourish and moisturize your skin with 4 moisturizing oils and organic Shea butter

Antioxidants: Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E bursting with antioxidants

Skin conditioning:
Will not clog your pores
Helps skin retain moisture
Keeps skin supple & smooth
Helps control and restore even skin tone
Helps control and prevent the development and appearance of wrinkles
Restores younger looking skin

Dry Skin Issues:
Eczema- can greatly relieve symptoms and prevent future outbreaks
Psoriasis-can greatly relive symptoms and hydrates the skin layers
Ingredients: utilizes the finest quality ingredients available (detailed listing below)
Production: Fornya premium Handmade Soaps are made in the superior “old traditional method” referred to as “cold processed” by a dedicated Master Chandler. They are hand poured in small batches into old fashion wooden molds.
Supper-fatted: provides extra moisture with luxurious lather.

Fornya Premium Handmade Soap


Premium Olive Oil
Premium Coconut Oil
Soybean Oil
Corn Oil
Organic Shea Butter
Proprietary Blend of Fragrances

Fornya Premium Handmade Soap Contains:

No Triclosan
No Petroleum Products
No Lauryl Sulfate
No Parabens
No Animal Products
No Fillers
No Preservatives or Synthetics
No Palm Oil

No Animal Testing