O3 PURE and Fornya Distributor Program

Thank you for you interest in becoming a distributor for O3 Pure and Fornya Products. Distribution opportunities are currently available in North America for both product lines. O3 Pure and Fornya products are manufactured by Kel Technologies LLC and are sold through a non-pyramid authorized independent dealer network throughout the U.S. and Canada.

O3 Pure Products are designed to provide customers a safe and effective way to save money and protect their health, while being environmentally conscious. They have been designed, tested and engineered to fill a variety of Eco Friendly roles, while providing functionality, reliability and cost effectiveness. Many of the products have very little if any direct competition. They offer generous margins when purchased in quantity and our MAP pricing structure helps to ensure this. We believe it's one thing to sell products for profit, but it's another to promote products that can actually benefit people and their families. By carrying O3 Pure and Fornya, you can do both and still get a good night sleep.

Fornya Life Products also employ MAP pricing and offer many of the benefits of our O3 Pure Line, but offer residual income long after the initial sale. This is done by providing products that actually work as advertised for the customer. Once they try one of our Fornya products such as our Premium Handmade Soap, they will most likely become a customer for life.  Lets face it, if we can educate people by showing them what is really in their everyday products such as hand cleaners and detergents, we can help them make a lifestyle change to move away from these products. Not only is this beneficial from a business perspective, but it is a socially and environmentally way we can help others to help themselves.

If you have:

  • Direct sales experience
  • Experience building and executing marketing plans
  • Experience managing a sales network
  • A strong commitment to helping teach people how they can lead safe, healthy lifestyles
  • The desire to build residual income
  • The desire to earn additional income
You have what it takes to be part of the Fornya and O3 Pure distribution team.

This is a ground floor opportunity where you decide which products you want to distribute. This is Not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)  opportunity. Possibilities of how you can build your business include:
  • Adding one or more products to your personal care products you already sell ie.(Avon, Mary Kay)
  • Starting a home party business
  • Distribution to business professionals (beauty salons, nail salons, flower shops, hardware stores, grocery stores etc.)
  • Adding new products to an existing business
  • Assisting organizations with fundraising

U.S. O3 Pure and Fornya Distributor Program:

Pure Energy LLC is partnered with Kel Technologies in the distribution of all O3 Pure and Fornya products within the United States as well as acquisition of new members into our growing dealer network. Our flat pricing schedule offers the flexibility to promote the product lines while only having to place small to medium order sizes and mix and match products within each line. To set up an account with Kel Technologies, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have:

Email: bryan@pureenergystore.com
Call: 1-877-432-8639
Website: www.pureenergystore.com/o3-pure-eco-products.html

Canadian O3 Pure and Fornya Distributor Program:

Canadian businesses must purchase from Kel Technologies Canadian office direct. Pure Energy LLC and Kel Technologies U.S. cannot supply Canadian distributors and our Fornya products are not labeled to be resold in Canada. For Canadian dealer inquiries you can contact Kel Technologies Canadian office:

Email: kellyflaming@fornya.ca
Call: 1-226-345-8065
Website: www.fornya.ca