Technical Information On The Puratron Fireplace

Q.  Shipping: How are these units going to be shipped? Are they pre-assembled?
A.  No. They will come in two separate boxes. The expected time to assemble is about 25 minutes. We ship our Puratron Electric Fireplaces and Electric Fireplace Inserts via USPS. They may take a few days longer to reach you, but the units will arrive in excellent condition.

Q.  What is the weight of the unit for shipping?
A.  Mantle: Weight: 58.4 Lbs. Insert: Weight: 52.4 Lbs.110.8 total lbs.

Q.  Does it have a color choice for the wood finish?

A.  Cherry, Medium Oak, Black or White.

Q.  How many square feet is it rated for?
A.  Each Model is rated up to 1000 Sq. Feet.

Q.  Does the fireplace use bulbs to assist in heat production?

A.  No, the heat is produced by PTC Ceramic Infra-Red technology.

Q. Is there a filter that needs replaced?

A. No. The unit utilizes an open air design. If particles enter the unit, they simply pass through and out the front.

Q.  Can I run the flames and embers without having the unit heat?
A.  Absolutely! The flames and embers in the Puratron can be run all year for ambience and in the winter the unit's PTC heating element can be turned on.

Q.  Is the fireplace suppose to cycle on and off on a certain setting?
A.  Yes, it is thermostatically controlled.

Q.  Is it economical to operate?
A.  Very. The unit uses highly efficient Infra-Ceramic Modules.

Q.  Could we get a screen that could be sold as an accessory for safety purposes like one that people would use with a real fireplace?
A.  Not at this time. Perhaps in the near future, but the unit is safe to operate without a screen.

Q.  What happens when the unit needs to be serviced?

A.  Just Call Us and we can get you up and running! Outside of the warranty period, most repairs can be done by the homeowner.

Q.  What is the life expectancy?
A.  15 Years.

Q. What is the warranty on the Fireplaces?

A.  The Puratron Inserts and Fireplaces come with a Full Three Year Warranty

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