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Insuladd Energy Pro Reflective Paint Additive - Pouch

Insuladd Energy Pro Reflective Paint Additive - Pouch

Manufacturer: Insuladd
SKU: 32655
UPC: 827463107868
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Insuladd Energy Saving Pro Insulating Paint Additive is a ultra fine grained ceramic compound designed for use in all paint types. This product creates a high thermal reflectance to paint into which it has been added yet is virtually invisible to the eye. Our paint additive is safe, non-toxic, and has no odor making it safe for children, schools, hospitals, and food handling and processing facilities.

  • Add to any paint to give your walls and ceiling a protective radiant barrier.

  • It keeps heat in during the winter.

  • It keeps heat out during the summer.

  • Developed in conjunction with NASA (Exchange Program Product).

  • Each pouch treats one gallon of paint.

Insuladd® Energy Saving Paint Additive is a patented fine white powdered ceramic material specifically engineered for improve the effective insulation of the surfaces to which it has been applied. Once applied, it acts as an invisible radiant heat reflecting barrier that improves comfort, reduces heating and cooling requirements and dampens ambient noise. By adding Insuladd® Energy Saving Paint Additive to the paint of your choice, heat gets reflected back from the painted surface instead of being absorbed and lost; this increases comfort and decreases heating and cooling costs.

Using Insuladd® Energy Saving Paint Additive is simple by mixing it into your paint and then applying the paint using a brush, roller, or spray gun.


  • Mixes With Any Color or Texture of Paint
  • Creates More Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Non-toxic / Environmentally Friendly
  • Dampens Ambient Noise
  • Acts like an invisible mirror that reflects heat

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