O3 PURE and Fornya Testimonials

Fornya Soap Testimonials:

I had a dry patch of skin on my arm and I used numerous medications, creams and Tea Tree Oil and nothing helped. Within 1 week of using Fornya handmade soap the spot is gone and my skin is really soft.

Niki M. Windsor, Ontario

I suffer from O.C.D. and used to shower 7 times a day, constantly be rubbing lotions into my skin. I would wake up every night scratching sometimes until I required stitches. Within 2 days of using Fornya soap I am down to only 2 showers a day, I use less than half the lotion I used to use and am sleeping right through the night. The ashy skin between my toes and fingers has also disappeared. Fornya is the only soap I will ever use again.

Amber A. Windsor, Ontario

Until I started using Fornya soap I always used multiple soaps and lotions on a daily basis. I would use one soap for my face, another soap for my body. I would also use multiple lotions (one lotion type for my feet, another lotion for my face, and a different lotion for my hands(my skin was always dry).

I now use 2 different Fornya handmade soaps every week (one type is without an exfoliator and the other one has oatmeal as an exfoliator, I use the exfoliating soap once or twice a week). My skin is softer and smoother than it has ever been, people always notice the difference as my skin is just more radiant. I do not use any lotions at all now as my skin is not dry. I have also quit using shampoo and conditioner only using the Fornya bar soap to wash my hair which is now always silky and soft. Fornya hand soap is amazing, better results than all of the other products put together.

Christine F. Ruscom Ontario

Fornya Unscented Soap

About 1 year ago I burnt my eyelids using a serum and ended up basically looking like a racoon. The skin around the eyes was red, dry, and cracking. I started using the FORNYA Premium Handmade unscented soap, gently dabbing on my eyelids and around my eyes. In just over 2 weeks the redness has disappeared from my eyelids and the areas around my eyes. My skin is no longer dry and cracking it is hydrated and I look normal again Wow, who would have guessed a soap could make this much difference.

Bernie B. Winnipeg, Manitoba