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Fully Ozonated Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Product Description

Fully Ozonated O3 PURE Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2 oz.  

Why choose O3 PURE Ozonated Olive Oil?

  • Stored frozen to preserve the ozone content for long term potency
  • It is in a stiff salve form and not one of the low quality liquid varieties
  • 100% Organic Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed and Made in the USA
  • It contains no fillers, binders, stabilizers, additives, colorants GMO's or preservatives
  • Jar interior has BPA free, inert Laboratory Grade liner
  • It uses only pure oxygen to create the ozone
  • There are no scents or fragrances added that can cause skin reactions


Fully Ozonated O3 PURE Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the most powerful ozonated olive oils available. It is not one of the low grade liquid gel products commonly sold. In those products the olive oil has ozone bubbled through it for only a short time and will still smell of ozone, but unless the oil has formed as a stiff salve that will not run when the jar is inverted there is little oxidative power in it. By ordering our O3 PURE Olive Oil, you will be able to enjoy one of the most powerful natural healing salves available. O3 PURE Ozonated Olive Oil is all about no hype, no fancy labeling or colorful containers, it's about being the most powerful natural ozonated olive oil we know of on the market today.


We keep our Ozonated Olive Oil frozen. Just prior to shipping, our jars are removed from the freezer, sealed and placed into insulated packaging with a Reusable Frozen Gel Pack. Although this product will ship frozen, it may defrost during shipment. Upon arrival and before initially opening, just place the insulated pack in the refrigerator at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Keep stored in the refrigerator  for long term potency.



Oxygen O2/O3 and Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Organic Olive Oil


What is Ozonated Olive Oil?

When ozone is bubbled through extra virgin olive oil continuously for weeks, high quality olive oil gels into a paste or salve. This salve has many therapeutic uses and is Europe's number one secret for topical facials. When used for massage, the ozonide enters the tissue and oxidizes lactic acid and toxins. It is also an effective treatment for many skin conditions such as general inflammation, dermatitis and seborrhea, bacterial infections of the skin, post-surgical treatment of wounds and is used primarily for:

Fungal infections (including Athlete's Foot) 
Leg Ulcers 
Bed Sores 
Bee Stings 
Insect Bites 
Acne and other skin-related problems 
Skin Yeast 
Sweat Gland Infections 
Tinea Versicolor 

In 1954, Dr. William Turska of Mist, Oregon, had ozonated olive oil tested at Texas A&M University. They discovered that this process created a long chain ozonide, C10H18O3 . 

"Ozonated olive oil is an effective adjunct treatment for inflammation of the skin, such as dermatitis and seborrhea. Ozonated olive oil is helpful in bacterial infections of the skin, including carbuncles, cellulitis, ecthyma, erysipelas, erythasma, folliculitis, furuncles, granuloma annulare, impetigo, paronychia, psoriasis, ringworm, skin yeast, staphylococcus, sweat gland infections, and tinea versicolor. It is also helpful for bed sores (decubitus ulcers) and for the post-surgical treatment of wounds to prevent secondary infections."

-- Dr. H.E.Sartori

"Ozonated olive oil, kept refrigerated, retained its effectiveness for over ten years, in tests conducted by German researchers. It is particularly indicated for the treatment of all skin infections and dermatomycoses."

-- Dr. J. Hansler


Additionally our O3 Pure Ozonated Olive Oil can be used for topical application on dry skin, eczema, seborrhea, sunburn, skin ulcers, burns, cuts and scrapes and diaper rash. It is excellent for makeup removal (avoid the eyes) and as a skin moisturizer.

It is also useful for dealing with various problems in animals. It can be applied directly to cuts and incisions or fed to them. It can be spread sparingly on the backs of a cat’s paws, from which it will be licked.

Safety Information

We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. You should consult your health practitioner before trying any product that could affect your health. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.



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