O3 PURE Invigorating Oxygenated Shower Spa

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  • O3 Pure Oxygenating Shower Head
  • Oxygenating Shower Head
  • High Pressure Shower Head
  • Pressurized Shower Head



By utilizing an air port intake system, the O3 PURE Invigorating Oxygenated Shower Spa provides you with the spa sensation in the privacy of your own home. This unit is also super environmentally friendly.


  • Uses up to 50% less water than conventional showers
  • Decreases hot water heating costs
  • Increases water pressure by up to 50%
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Self-pressurizing shower head

In addition to being environmentally friendly and energy efficiency, the O3 PURE Oxygenized Invigorating Aerating Shower Spa offers several health benefits. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and absorbs almost everything it comes in contact with. The spa effect of the O3 PURE Shower Spa is specifically realized during a hot shower. After a few minutes, the blood rushes to the surface of the skin and absorbs the extra oxygen supplied in the water. When you step out of a hot shower, oxygenated blood flows back to the organs. Reported benefits include: increased energy levels, a positive boost to overall body function and health as well as having more oxygen delivered to the entire body.


Product Dimensions: 4.65 x 2.60 x 2.60 inches
Product Weight: 4.10 ounces



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