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The EdenPURE Aqua 2000 Water Purifier


The EdenPURE Aqua 2000 Water Purifier

0.10 LBS
$4.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description


Revolutionary Water Breakthrough
Super Energized Bottled Water
1 penny per 32 ounce bottle...Unlimited Refills
Hi-Tec Machine combines Ozone-UV-Photo-Zone-Filter

An affordable water filtration system that could save you thousands!

Fresh, Pure energized water!

This entirely unique water purifier is far superior to anything else on the market.

The EdenPURE Aqua 2000 is a bubbling departure from typical outdated “filtration only” drinking water options. Today’s typical, expensive stagnant bottled water just doesn’t compare. Prior to the EdenPURE Aqua 2000 being miniaturized, this same technology would have cost the average consumer thousands of dollars to own. By miniaturizing the EdenPURE Aqua 2000 it is affordable to the masses for less then the cost of a typical 16 ounce bottle of water a day.

The EdenPURE Aqua 2000 is a fresh departure from outdated drinking water options and is finally affordable to the public. This water machine promises to deliver a new level of on-demand, fresh, pure, affordable drinking water unlike anything else most Americans have ever seen.

Delivering the latest in micro technology and harnessing all four powers of nature in one miniature unit, the EdenPURE™ AQUA2000 delivers a level of revitalized water. Though the technology is radically different from what you may be familiar with, the processes used are as old and powerfully potent as the earth itself. Bottled water now costs about the same as a gallon of gas. For just pennies a gallon, you and your family can enjoy pure, clean EdenPURE™ AQUA2000 water.

Avoid the rising cost and unknown quality of bottled water with...The only water treatment alternative that integrates five proven technologies!

·        Drinking Water
·        Ice Cubes
·        Coffee and Tea
·        Juices & other Beverages
·        Baby Formula
·        Pastas and Steamed Vegetables
·        Weight Loss Programs
·        Plants
·        Water for Pets

Approximately 75% of the Earth's surface is covered by water. However, less than 1% of the water in the entire world is potable. During its journey from the sky to your faucet water is exposed to numerous sources of contamination, including:
·        Industrial runoff
·        Overloaded sewage treatment plants
·        Garbage Dump Waste
·        Animal Waste

Although municipal water is chlorinated to kill most bacteria and virus, chlorine can form into dangerous cancer causing compounds such as trihalomethanes and chloroform. Contamination can also occur after treatment. Water must travel through miles of often filthy, leaky pipes which can contain lead and/or asbestos as they deteriorate with age. In addition, lead and other heavy metals can be dissolving into your water from solder joints and brass fixtures. Even if you go to the trouble of having your water tested, this can only give you temporary peace of mind as quality can change dramatically from season to season and from one location to another. To be absolutely sure of your water quality, treating your water at the point of use is your safest (and most economical) solution.  

How AQUA 2000 Works:

The Ideal Combination of the Best Available Technologies. The Aqua 2000 water filtration system is the only water treatment alternative that integrates proven technologies of 5 micron pre-filtration, ozone, ultraviolet light and advanced oxidation. This product is one compact, easy to install, point-of-use system.

Four Treatment Steps to Ensure the Safety of your Water
Step 1 - Water enters the system and is immediately passed through a high dirt
              capacity, 5 micron pre-filter cartridge. This removes debris, sediment,
              particulates, and turbidity to clarify the water for the UV process.
Step 2 - The incoming water is saturated with ozone to begin the oxidation process
             of microorganisms.  Ozone reduces bad odors and improves the flavor of drinking water.

Step 3 -  The water is exposed to intense UV light which is highly effective in
              combating a wide range of bacteria, more resistant viruses,
              parasitic cysts.
Step 4 - The combination of ozone and UV results in an instant reaction known as
              photo or advanced oxidation.

No chemical additives are used during the entire process. Harmful contaminants are destroyed and removed but beneficial minerals remain in the water for superior flavor and your good health. Aqua Cure uses carbon filtration as the final process (not as the primary process) to remove dead bacteria, heavy metals, organic and inorganic compounds. Ozonated water is fed to the filter each time the system is activated, which continually works to oxidize contaminants trapped in the filter.   The high capacity filter produces 1,000 gallons of water (1 year of household use) and removes parasitic cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Unlike bottled water, water treated by the Aqua 2000 is made fresh and on demand as you need it, not days, weeks, or even months before. You can enjoy unlimited amounts of clean, fresh tasting water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water without having to wait for delivery, lift and store heavy containers, or worry about contamination. Based upon average usage, the Aqua 2000 pays for itself compared to buying bottled water within one year and makes water for just 4¢ per gallon.
Carbon filters may trap some microorganisms but they do not destroy them. Water borne virus pass right through carbon filters. Activated carbon provides an excellent breeding ground for microorganisms which can elevate the levels of
Aqua 2000 UV technology is different from all others. Since the UV lamp is activated only when you want water, the water remains cool inside the system. You don't need to empty the system before getting a glass of cool water. Furthermore, deposits will not form on the glass sleeve due to the scrubbing effect of the ozone molecules and the cooler water temperature flowing through the Aqua 2000. The lamp used in the Aqua 2000 is rated for a minimum of 10,000 on/off cycles which translates to a minimum of two years of normal operation. At least twice as long as other UV systems.
Compared to reverse osmosis, the Aqua 2000 is much more compact, does not require a storage tank, is virtually maintenance free for two years, and does not waste a drop of water. Reverse osmosis requires a lot of pressure, a lot of time, and a lot of maintenance which generally limits production to a few gallons per day. The Aqua 2000 is less expensive to purchase than almost all reverse osmosis equipment.
Aqua 2000 uses electricity just like distillation units to process water. However, distillation requires approximately 4,000 times the amount of energy as the Aqua 2000 to make the same gallon of water. The purchase price of distillation equipment and maintenance requirements can be twice as much as the Aqua 2000.

Not currently available in these states: CA, WI, IA

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