EdenPURE Performance Tips

Edenpure Heater Performance Tips and How To Guide

How to get the most out of your portable Infrared Edenpure Heater

If you have any questions about your order please feel free to give us a call. Below are some tips you may find helpful:


Taking the Edenpure Heater out of the box:

The best way to get your infrared heater out of the packaging is to simply cut the tape on the top, turn the box over and lift it off the heater. Try not to cut or rip the box and don't throw it away. If you have a problem under warranty you will need the box to ship your heater back. Keep your receipt in a safe place; you will also need it for warranty issues. Our orders are tracked by the order number so it is very important that you have it.

Placement of the Infrared Heater:

If possible try to place the SunTwin, Puratron or Edenpure Heaters on an inside wall and try a couple of different locations, to see what works the best. Try to leave some space around the Edenpure Heater for airflow. For our PurATron Fireplaces leave at least an inch gap behind the unit for the air to come in. If you purchased a Fireplace Insert, be sure to allow air from the room to reach the back of the unit. If the unit is going to be put in a garage, basement or similar location, try raising the unit about a foot off of the floor and place the heater well away from the outside wall.

Feel the plug on your Quartz Heater:

Check the plug on your Eden pure heater for at least the first day it is running and each time it is plugged into an outlet. Make sure it does not get hot. If it does, this usually means you have a bad outlet and the outlet will need replaced before you use it.

Clean the filter:

If your Edenpure heater comes with a filter, clean it regularly as notes in the instructions. Do not use a hairdryer; this can damage the filter. We recommend cleaning the filter once a week for most homes.

Setting up your Edenpure Heater and Lowering your Heating Bills:

If you are looking to bring down your heating bill, we recommend centrally locating the electric heater in your home on the first floor. Leave your furnace thermostat set to where you wish the overall temperature to remain at. You can then leave your Edenpure running. The heat will spread out from this location. This will reduce the run time on your furnace usually resulting in an overall reduction in heating costs.  Below are a few examples that can help:

Example 1: Greg wants to reduce his heating costs in his 1850 square foot home with one Edenpure heater.He currently has central heat and enjoys the house being at about 70 degrees. Greg gets his unit and centrally locates it on his first floor. He leaves his thermostat for his central heating set at 70 degrees. During spring and fall, the Edenpure heating unit. provides enough heat to heat his home, without the aid of his furnace. During the winter his Edenpure heater. is running most of the time. As the unit heats, the heat in the room spreads out to the rest of the house and once in awhile his furnace may kick on to keep the overall house temperature at about 70 degrees. By letting the more efficient Edenpure heater. provide most of the heat, his heating bill will come down; not to mention the fact that the rooms will be less dry and heated more evenly from floor to ceiling. If he had an all electric home, his bill would have been reduced. If Greg was on gas or propane heat, he would see a modest increase in his electric bill, but a substantially greater reduction in his heating bill.

Example 2: Matt's heating bills are practically killing him, but he likes to keep it at 70 degrees. He's in a 2400 square foot home and just purchased an Edenpure. He realizes that most of the home he's never in and is literally throwing money out the window trying to heat it. Matt decides to close off several bedrooms, a sunroom and just heat the living room and his kitchen, which are about 800 square feet. If Matt's thermostat for his central heating is in these rooms he can leave it set at 70 degrees like Greg did. If his thermostat is located in another portion of the home, he can turn it down as low as he feels is needed. At night he can easily move the unit to his bedroom.

Example 3: Jane uses a wood burner to provide most of the heat to her home, but as any wood burner knows there can be a lot of drawbacks. She decides to invest in an Edenpure heater and quickly the benefits become clear. In the early and later parts of the winter the Edenpure heaters provide enough heat to warm her home, without having to use the wood burner. During the winter, when she's at home the Edenpure heater. heats the back end of the home, where the wood burner doesn't quite make it. At night she moves the unit to her bedroom and stays toasty, without having a smoldering wood fire. Often when she leaves for work, Jane moves her unit to the main part of the home. Even though the area is too big for the unit, the Edenpure heater. keeps the house at a modest temperature until she gets back. In the end she notices her home is not nearly as dry and for a modest electric increase she's gained considerable comfort.

For more information purchasing one of our Eden Pure Heaters, see our Infrared Heater Page.

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