Collection: EdenPURE 1000 Replacement Parts

EdenPURE 1000 Replacement Parts:



The Original EdenPURE Model 1000 was manufactured at three different locations in Asia. There are some slight variations in parts used at each location.  Some EdenPURE Replacement Parts such as the heating elements or bulbs are standard and do not vary between manufacturers. Other EdenPURE Replacement Parts such as sensors and body panels do. You can identify which location your EdenPURE Model 1000 was manufactured at by looking on the product label located on the back of  the heater.


EdenPURE 1000 Heater Tips:

Thinking about breathing some new life into your old EdenPURE? For starters make sure that you select the proper manufacturer of your unit. The most common replacement part for the original EdenPURE 1000 heaters is of course the heating elements. There are 6 quartz infrared tubes located inside your unit. 5 short and one long tube are in each. The longer 6th tube may not be initially visible, but is located in the lower front of the heater. These tubes were initially designed for about 3 years of good use. The newer heating elements are rated about 4 times as long. We don't recommend trying to replace just one or two, you should replace them in a complete set for the best performance. The replacement bulbs are black in color, so you may not see that familiar glow, but you will notice a large increase in heat output. Also we don't recommend trying to splice the wires with regular wire nuts. We offer replacement connectors that are designed to work with your unit and are safer to use. You should also consider replacing the filter. After many years of use, it becomes more difficult for air to pass through them.


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