Puratron Fireplace Tips

Puratron Fireplace Performance Tips and How To Guide

How to get the most out of your Infrared Electric Puratron Fireplace or Puratron Fireplace Insert.

If you have any questions about your order please feel free to give us a call. Below are some tips you may find helpful:


Taking the Puratron Heater out of the box:

The best way to get your Puratron Fireplace out of the packaging is to simply cut the tape on the top, and lift the fireplace insert out of the box. If you can't lift it out, determine which side is the glass front, lay the unit down with the glass side up and slide the fireplace insert out. Try not to cut or rip the box and don't throw it away. If you have a problem under warranty you will need the box to ship it back. Keep your receipt in a safe place; you will also need it for warranty issues. Our orders are tracked by the order number so it is very important that you have it.

Placement of the Puratron Fireplace:

If possible try to place the unit on an inside wall and try a couple of different locations, to see what works the best. Try to leave some space around the PurATron Fireplace for airflow and leave at least an inch gap behind the unit for the air to come in. If you purchased just the Electric Fireplace Insert, be sure to allow air from the room to reach the back of the unit.

Feel the plug:

Check the plug on your fireplace for at least the first day it is running and each time it is plugged into an outlet. Make sure it does not get hot. If it does, this usually means you have a bad outlet and the outlet will need replaced before you use it.

Clean the filter:

Your New Infrared Puratron Fireplace does not have a filter. It is an open air design and any particles that enter through the back of the fireplace will simply pass through the unit. If the unit develops some dust around the rear air intakes, you can vacuum them off.

Setting up your Puratron Electric Fireplace and Lowering your Heating Bills:

If you are looking to bring down your heating bill, we recommend centrally locating the unit in your home somewhere on your first floor. Leave your furnace thermostat set to where you wish the overall temperature to remain at. You can then leave your unit running. The heat will spread out from this location. This will reduce the run time on your furnace usually resulting in an overall reduction in heating costs.  See our EdenPURE Heater FAQ for examples on how these units can reduce your heating bills.

Using the Puratron Fireplace Insert in an existing wood or gas fireplace opening:

A majority of our customers who purchase the Infrared Electric Puratron Fireplace Insert, do so in order to put it in an existing fireplace opening. We recommend to first seal the interior of the space. One of the best ways to do this is to use readily available rigid insulation board. The insulation can be cut easily to fit in the fireplace and then pushed into position. You want to basically cover the inner walls of the fireplace with this material. It does not have to "look pretty" since it won't be visible once the insert is in place. The insulation is Not a requirement for the installation of the Puratron Insert, it is totally optional. The insulation though will increase the efficiency of the Fireplace.

Once you have the opening ready, it is time to place the electric insert into the fireplace. Keep in mind the unit has rubber bumpers on the bottom, so it will be able to free stand without support. Many buyers of the Puratron Insert, don't fill the area between the heater and the fireplace wall. If however you decide you want a clean look, this area can be dressed up with wood or any other material. The Fireplace Insert has flanges along the top and sides to mount a filler to. You will want to leave room though for the air to pass through the filler material around the insert. You can have decorative holes or slats cut in the filler, optionally you can also cover the filler with a material that will let air pass through and cover the holes; a popular material for this is the same black material found covering music or entertainment speakers. If the design of the fireplace or custom frame allows, try to have the air drawn from up higher (top or sides of the insert)  rather than off the floor.

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