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Bulb - Set of 6 Heating Element Bulbs for EdenPURE 1000 1000XL and GEN3 Heaters

Bulb - Set of 6 Heating Element Bulbs for EdenPURE 1000 1000XL and GEN3 Heaters

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Complete 6 pack set of replacement Infrared Quartz Elements / Heating Tubes. These 20,000 Hour GEN 3 Upgraded Bulbs are backwards compatible with most large EdenPURE and SunTwin Models and have 4 times the life expectancy of the older versions. The Kit includes 5 short tubes and one long. The Long Element in your unit will not be immediately visible after exposing the other heating elements. It is located in the front bottom of the unit. After exposing the sides of the 5 shorter heating elements simply follow red wire to the small access panel.

We Highly Recommend replacing your unit's filter when replacing your heating elements. A new filter will help to extend the life of these elements.

This part is compatible with the following Models: 

EdenPURE 1000
EdenPURE 1000 XL
EdenPURE GEN 3 1000
SunTwin 1500
SunTwin 1500 LED
SunTwin 1500 ELITE
SunTwin Gen 3 1500

Listing of compatible products by model number:

1000 XL

STW 1500
STC 1500
1500 ELITE

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Customer Reviews

Based on 240 reviews

As of 2025 I have not received it. On thr 2-23 I checked the tracking #, the USPS said it was ordered 2-4-24 and delivered on 2-8-24 to the address next door, which is vacent

Dale Wynn
Doesn't get any easier

Changing the heating elements was easy, and saves a bunch of $$$, not having to buy a new heater.

Thaddeus Laird
Bulb replacement and advice

I received the new bulb set but had no heat. Figured it was the heat sensor but called the site on Ohio which advertised a sensor and received absolutely zero help to troubleshoot and confirm. Instead Pure Energy and the advice was jump the sensor. So I did and that was it. Instant heat! Great advice and no hassles. I then reset the sensor by gently pressing on the contacts so it works fine. I went ahead and ordered a sensor from another site in Minnesota just in case.

Joyce Williams

The bulbs don't fit in my heater so I had to cut off the end piece and connect them direct. Only 2 will work at a time

Bob Herrin
Great group to do busness with

I needed the heating bulbs for a 15 year old EdenPure heater. Edenpure did not have them, so a web search bro me here. Found what I needed at a good price so I ordered them. Didn't get around to installing them until this week. Got the short bulbs installled wioth no problem, but I couldn't find the access point for the long bulb. Called Edenpure. Found out the just sell the devices, they don't work on them and don't know anything about the inner workings. Sheesh! Called Pure Energy. The fellow that answered the phone knew the answer without hesitation. I now have my GEN 3 Edenpure heater working well. Highly recommend the folks at Pure Energy for your parts needs.