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Here at our EdenPURE Parts home page you will find factory parts for your EdenPURE, SunTwin, O3 PURE and other Products. All of our parts are in stock and shipped from our warehouse by dedicated team of parts and service professionals. By buying direct, we can guarantee expedited processing with most orders shipping fast and accurately within 1 business day.

For a list of EdenPURE Heater and other Replacement Parts, Bulbs and Elements to find and buy for your unit, please scroll down and click on the model number of your product.

The Model Names are listed for Reference Only. Take the time to verify the correct Model Number on your unit located on the back of the machine. An example of this can be found at the bottom of this page.


EdenPURE Heater Parts:

Model Name Model Numbers
EdenPURE 500 500
EdenPURE 500 XL 500XL
EdenPURE 1000 1000
EdenPURE 1000 XL 1000XL
EdenPURE Classic ClassicA5275/SPI
EdenPURE Copper Smart A5551/RPE
EdenPURE Elite EliteA5363 - EliteA5363/NWF
EdenPURE GEN 2 A5095
EdenPURE GEN 3 500 A3729 - A4137
EdenPURE GEN 3 1000 A3705 - A4136 - A4136/RTL
EdenPURE GEN 3 USA RPE1325A5275
EdenPURE GEN 4 A4428
EdenPURE GEN 4 A4428/RTL
EdenPURE GEN 8 GEN8A5165/G8
EdenPURE Kenmore 128.9509221 - Kenmore
EdenPURE Personal A4887/RTL PERSONAL A4887/RTL - A4887/R/RTL
EdenPURE Premiere RPE1500A5076
EdenPURE Room Comfort RPE1000A5112
EdenPURE Signature A3713
EdenPURE Signature Elite A4427 - A4427/RTL
EdenPURE Space Saver RPE1325A5092
EdenPURE Space Saver Plus RPE1325A5274
EdenPURE Trusted Comfort A5551b
EdenPURE Trusted Comfort A5551
EdenPURE Trusted Comfort RPE1000A5146
EdenPURE Trusted Comfort RPE1500A5093
EdenPURE Trusted Comfort RPE1500A5093/R
EdenPURE US 1000 US1000 - USA1000 - USA1000A4188/RTL - USA1000A4188TT
EdenPURE USA 750 USA750A5165
EdenPURE WallHugger A5473

SunTwin Heater Parts:

Model Name Model Numbers
SunTwin 750 STC750
SunTwin 1500 STW1500 - STC1500
SunTwin 1500 Elite 1500 Elite
SunTwin 1500 LED STW1500LED
SunTwin GEN 3 1500 STWGEN 3 - A4136/WOOD

EdenPURE and O3 PURE Air Purifier Parts:

EdenPURE Area Model
EdenPURE G-7
Puratron Best Air
EdenPURE 5 A4646
EdenPURE 6 A4647
O3 PURE Whole House Air Purifier
SunTwin and Puratron Fireplace Parts:
The Fireplace
IHS Air Cooler Plus, EdenPURE Aqua 2000, EdenPURE and Puratron Sweeper Parts:
EdenPURE Aqua 2000
EdenPURE and Puratron Sweeper
IHS Air Cooler Plus



Below is an example of the primary product label on the back of an EdenPURE Heater. The arrow indicates the location of the EdenPURE Model Number:



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