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O3 PURE Eco Laundry Wash - V1 Ozone Oxidization Module

O3 PURE Eco Laundry Wash - V1 Ozone Oxidization Module

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Ozone Oxidization Module Version 1 for the O3 PURE Ozone Eco Laundry Wash System.

This Part is compatible with the following models:

Some O3 PURE G1 Eco Laundry Wash System

Some O3 PURE G2 Eco Laundry Wash System - For Hard Water


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alan Sharp
Breakdown and repair

Our laundry 6+ year old unit quit working and with the help of Jim in the factory we determined that the problem was the O3 generator. The unit was easy to replace and we were back in business. Very pleased.

David H.
V1 Ozone Oxidation Module

Replacement would have been easier if you had used larger mounting screws. The #4 screws are a little bit of a challenge to handle. Other than the screws, replacement is an easy task.